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Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics FiCom is a lobbying organization for the ICT industry in Finland and looks after its interests.

FiCom’s members are companies and other entities that operate in the ICT sector in Finland.

FiCom’s task is to promote business opportunities for its members and to enhance their competitiveness. In order to implement this task, FiCom

  • influences on ICT related regulatory issues,
  • promotes the development of information and communications technology,
  • manages ICT statistics and business indicators,
  • openly communicates current professional issues to various target groups and
  • contributes the ICT industry’s and digital sector’s public image.

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FiCom has direct, open and stable relations with political decision-makers, civil servants, other organisations and media. FiCom’s committees are powerful channels of influence for any emergent ICT industry issues.

Member of EuroISPA

EuroISPA is an organization representing more than 3,300 internet service providers. FiCom is also a member of EuroISPA, and our CEO Elina Ussa is on its board. EuroISPA’s goal is to make the voice of internet service providers heard in European digital policy.

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Areas of expertise

Influencing in society

Influencing in society is one of our most important tasks. Good and open relationships with authorities, organisations and political decision-makers require constant contacts and active participation in the public discussion related to the sector.


The rapid development of network business requires of us an overall view of the development of legislation. We analyse and influence all legislation regarding the sector and, for applicable parts, other rules and regulations as well.


We plan and co-ordinate measures that promote the development of technology and the establishment of the technical solutions of our member companies in both the national and international market.

Information Service

The telecommunications and ICT sector is in a state of strong development. That is why one of the tasks of FiCom is to gather information and key figures describing the sector. We follow the rapid changes that take place in the sector both nationally and internationally.

We maintain a databank for our members in FiCom’s extranet. We analyse the material that we have gathered and find answers to questions related to the sector.


It is our tasks to communicate openly about current matters related to the sector. In addition to communications to members, media relations are an essential part of FiCom’s operations. We also take actively part in the public discussion on information society and digital sector.

Our values


FiCom’s employees are experts in the field of lobbying, legislation, information services and communications. We also benefit from our members’ competencies and have a wide national and international network. We want to contribute to the future developments in the Finnish information society.


We co-operate openly with our stakeholder groups and keep them informed as well as the public at large, about topical ICT issues.


We find out and look after the interests of the ICT industry. We also raise topical issues and actively participate in the public discussion on the information society.

Compliance with competition law in FiCom
By-laws of FiCom, registered 9 March 2020