European Internet industry associations publish a joint statement on the proposed CSAM Regulation

European industry associations ACT | The App Association, CCIA Europe, CISPE Cloud, Dot Europe, eco, EuroISPA, FiCom, ISPA Austria and ITI have published a joint industry statement in which they call the European Commission to amend some key points of the proposed Regulation laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse.

The associations and their members, active in the European Internet industry, agreed on the importance of the European Commission’s proposal to ensure the EU is committed to making the digital space safe for everyone, especially for children.

However, they are now together drawing attention to how certain measures contained in the proposed Regulation need to be amended in order to reach the goals the Regulation is set to achieve.

To do so, signatories have formulated recommendations to amend six key aspects of the proposal:

  • The narrowing of the scope and definitions
  • The risk assessment, mitigation and reporting
  • The inclusion of voluntary measures
  • The use of detection, removal and blocking orders
  • The importance of safeguarding encryption
  • The role of the EU Centre

This joint industry statement is the result of a substantial joint effort between the signatories, coordinated by EuroISPA, that shows the unified commitment of several associations with a diverse membership and active in the sector at European level to protect children online.

Asko Metsola, Legal Affairs, FiCom