Finland is the European 5G pioneer

Finland is the first European country where all current 5G frequencies have been auctioned and the construction of networks has begun. Currently, the 5G network is available in almost 70 Finnish cities and towns.

All operators, DNA, Elisa and Telia, are building their networks closely, and the coverage is expanding at an increasing rate. Like previous mobile network generations, the construction of 5G began in the largest cities, but will also reach dispersed settlements outside of urbanised areas. According to telecommunications companies, by 2025, 5G will cover Finnish households nationwide.

5G-enabled devices are already available to consumers, and the product range is rapidly expanding.

Finns use by far the most mobile data per capita

We Finns are used to being able to use online services wherever and whenever. Internationally, we are the biggest users of mobile data: In Finland, the average amount of data transferred onto a single SIM card is 21.5 gigabytes per month*, which is the highest in the world. In Finland, all mobile operators offer unlimited data transfer contracts, which makes it easy to use mobile data.

Fixed and mobile networks are constantly being built and improved in Finland. Finland has around 5.5 million inhabitants. We have 8.5 million mobile broadband contracts and over 1.8 million fixed broadband contracts. More than half of these are optical fibre.

*without M2M; source Tefficient

Sari Laine-Lassila, Communications Manager, FiCom